lean management

How will you get good ideas from the side of your employees? What does that imply for the manager’s role? The Toyota Way, or what can we learn from the founders of Lean Management. This six-day course will teach you all the Lean improvement techniques by way of the Deming Circle. We will also introduce you to the Lean philosophy. You will learn how to think in processes and, as a consequence, how to eliminate waste from these processes.

Kaizen, poka yoke, load leveling, ishikawa; all these are mere examples of the complete set of techniques that we will teach you. Regardless whether you work with internal or external customers, the goal of Lean management is to deliver what the customer desires through fewer mistakes and more efficiency.

Course length: 6 days or 12 half-days.

The theoretical section is concluded with an exam according to ASQ regulations. Participants who pass the exam are awarded the official theory certificate.

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