The results of Lean Six Sigma are defined by the quality and acceptance of the solutions. Our coaching focuses on both aspects.

No two companies or organisations are alike, which makes it necessary for the implementation and use of Lean Six Sigma to be tailored to the organisation's culture and language.

Share4 has qualified coaches who are able to assist during or after your training in successfully implementing Lean Six Sigma projects. In addition, we assist organisations in implementing Lean Six Sigma and we coach steering committees and management teams in managing Lean Six Sigma programmes.

“How refreshing it was to encounter so much enthusiasm and know-how about this area of expertise!”

manager, public sector


"Embedding is key... thank you so much for the pleasant support in carrying out my project!”

Black Belt, industry


Implementation of Lean Six Sigma is a strategic choice that is made while bearing in mind the ultimate goal: an efficient organisation that is able to create value for its customers without waste. The employees themselves are the ones who will eliminate waste from the company's processes.

In order to achieve this goal, it is essential that Lean Six Sigma is set up successfully. Programme and project management, implementation and embedding of results should be integrated in the existing organisation, systems and culture. Share4 will assist you in this process.

We will advise you about the most fitting way of implementation and will assist you in this process towards achieving the ultimate goal.

The right coach

Since everybody has different needs and people's experiences will vary, the coaching needs will vary as well. Moreover, the relationship between coach and coachee is important in order for the coaching trajectory to be successful.

This is why we try to establish as good a match as possible between the coachee's needs and our coaches. We will do this through a personal intake interview with coachees.
The least you may expect from our coaches is for them to continuously challenge the coachee regarding the effective implementation of Lean Six Sigma.

Moreover, we offer feedback on competencies and change management interventions in order to safeguard acceptance.